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Residential & Commercial Security

Residential Security

Keep your home and business safe with Safe & Sounds honest and trustworthy installation of your personal security system.

Safe & Sound concentrates on making sure you feel secure while you are in the comforts of your own home and business or when you are away, whether it is for simple errands around town, for an extended period of time, or after business hours.  We want to make sure our customers are comfortable with the customized security features and plans you chose for your most prized possessions, your home and business.

Burglar Alarm

Burglar & Fire Alarm

Safe & Sound can install your first line of defense in the event of a break-in.

  • Key-pad entry at desired locations

  • Motion detectors

  • Glass-break detectors

  • Door sensors

  • Window sensors

  • Water and temperature detection devices

  • Fire alarm

  • Access control

  • 24-Hour UL Approved Monitoring Service


CCTV (Cameras)

Safe & Sound offers a second line of defense when it comes to home security systems

  • In-door/ out-door cameras

  • Night vision technology

  • Facial recognition technology

  • IP and Analog technology

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